> Eastside business alliance
The Eastside Business Alliance fosters a political climate where elected officials know and understand the challenges faced by today’s business community. The Alliance strives to increase the job base, enhance our quality of life, and provide quality leadership by involving local businesspeople in the political process.

The Eastside Business Alliance works in four neighboring jurisdictions: Kirkland, Issaquah, Bellevue, and Redmond, encouraging qualified candidates to run for office, endorsing candidates supportive of business goals, and helping to coordinate the involvement of the broader business community in the political process.

This involvement takes many forms – in-kind and/or financial contributions, candidate interviews, personal participation in a candidate’s campaign, and statements of position to the appropriate elected or appointed body. The Eastside Business Alliance reports on its candidate endorsements to local media and community organizations.

For more information on the Eastside Business Alliance contact Lincoln Vander Veen at 425.213.1208.