Coalition Delegates
Each of the 10 chambers appoints four delegates to the Coalition – three volunteers and one chamber executive (italicized). Associate members to the Coalition are represented by a chamber executive only.

Coalition Chair: Jeffery H. Cole, Kirkland Chamber

Betty Nokes Capestany
Eli Darland
Irene Plenefisch
Kathy Putt

Brittany Caldwell
Dick Paylor
Aran Buchan
Kelly Snyder

Kathy McCorry
William Shaw
Russ Beard

Bruce Wynn
Patti Smith
Scott Becker
Jeff Cole

Erica Dial
Tanya Neilson
Bryan Kelley
Grifan Cayce


Randy Ohlendorf

Bart Philips
Bill Biggs
Pat Vache
Tom Markl

Deb Sogge

Susan Husa
Carolyn Simpson
Carlos de Imus
Tom Sroufe

David Witt
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