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Clark Nuber

The Young Executives program is an opportunity for young professionals who are in the 3-5 year mark in their careers. The program is designed to give attendees a chance to build long-term business relationships with a core group of peers. Attendees will learn team building skills, leadership skills, civic awareness, and receive valuable tools & resources to help them reach long-term career success. Contact Sara Garner to learn more about this great program!

Zosia Stanley, Inslee, Best, Doezie & Ryder, PS“A great thing about the Young Execs program is the opportunity to meet people all at the same stage in our careers. You never know where the arc of our careers will take us, but it’s great to have a cohort of peers to build relationships which allow for collaboration, trust, friendship and the opportunity to refer clients to someone you know who will take care of them.”

Zosia Stanley, Attorney
Inslee, Best, Doezie & Ryder, PS
Class of 2011
Dennis Morrissette, Sweeney Conrad“Investing in your young talented employees through a program like the Bellevue Chamber’s Young Execs program will prove invaluable in the future. Not only for your company's bottom line, but in developing your future leaders and their business networks, fostered at an early stage of their careers.”

Dennis Morrissette, Senior Accountant
Sweeney Conrad
Class of 2011