Connecting Eastside leaders with service, training, and professional development opportunities.

What is the Eastside Leadership Initiative?

The Eastside Leadership Initiative identifies, trains, and matches upcoming community leaders with opportunities to grow and serve.

Participants are matched with training programs, board leadership positions, volunteer opportunities, and connected to a network of other community-minded business leaders on the Eastside. The database is accessible to everyone, participants from Bellevue Chamber member organizations will be assigned a Leadership Mentor and a Leadership Advisor to help them set goals, manage duties, and track progress.


If you are an individual looking to grow your leadership skills, experiences, and resumeĢ, the Eastside Leadership Initiative is here to help.

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If you are a non-profit or civic organization looking for leaders to join your team, the Eastside Leadership Initiative can provide you with a pipeline of new talent to serve your community.

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If your company is looking for ways to keep employees engaged in their community, develop leaders from within your ranks, and spread your people and brand, the Eastside Leadership Initiative is the place for you.

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There’s never been a more important time to develop community leaders. Whether it’s in business, nonprofit leadership, or elected service – the Eastside needs people who are connected, understand the needs in our community, know how the public sector works, and know how to get things done. ELI is one component in building well-rounded leaders who are engaged at a local level and believe that collaboration, kindness, and compromise are more effective tools than partisanship and division.

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ELI connects with non-profit organizations, leadership development programs, government bodies, and other service initiatives. Our database works like a job board to advertise and promote these opportunities. We include city commissions like parks, art, and human services; charitable boards of directors; and many other service categories.

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