Boards & Committees

Let's Build Community Together

There is no higher purpose for the Bellevue Chamber than to serve as the convener for important community conversations. Whether you're interested in networking, event planning, policy, leadership, or community service, we have a place for you to serve and belong.

Chamber Operations

Board of Directors

The Board sets the vision, goals, and budget for the Bellevue Chamber. Its members lead many of the Chamber's committees and provide oversight of Chamber operations.

Meets: Eight times per year

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets monthly to assist the board in overseeing Chamber Operations, and to act on behalf of the Board when it is not scheduled to meet.

Meets: Monthly

Sponsorship & Legacy Relations

Sponsors and Legacy Leaders provide the Chamber's financial backbone. The committee works alongside these organizations to understand their needs and priorities.

Meets: Quarterly

Membership Committee

As a networking and relationship-building organization, a growing membership is key to building community and creating value. The Membership Committee identifies membership prospects and strategies for growth.

Meets: Twice per month

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the accounting, management, and financial health of the Chamber Organization.

Meets: Monthly

Events & Networking

Events & Speakers Committee

Selects speakers, topics, and activities for non-signature events including Chamber Lunches, Bellevue Recess, and Showcases.

Meets: Monthly

Signature Event Committees

Signature event committees meet throughout the year at varying times based on the proximity to the event. Committees start their event planning meetings between six and nine months prior to their event.

Annual Gala Committee

Eastside Real Estate Symposium Committee

Women's Leadership Conference Committee

Eastside Leadership Conference Committee

Strategy & Impact


Promotes Bellevue Chamber activities and membership, plans and runs our weekly networking breakfast program (Morning Business Builder), and provides strategic direction for Chamber programs and events.

Diversity, Outreach, & Partnerships Committee

Promotes racial, economic, gender, cultural, and ideological diversity within the chamber through strategic partnerships and targeted outreach.

Outbound Study Mission Committee

Plans and promotes the Chamber's study mission program including location selection, itinerary, topics, and guest selection.

Bellevue Chamber Foundation Board of Trustees

Oversees and formally authorizes spending decisions by our affiliated Bellevue Chamber Foundation 501(c)3. Develops the strategic plan for growing the reputation, financial resources, and community impact of the Foundation.

Nonprofit & Community Leaders Committee

The Eastside needs leaders. Our Nonprofit and Community Leaders Committee helps identify volunteer board and commission opportunities and match them to qualified individuals within our member companies.

Public Policy

Policy Council

The principal policy arm of the Bellevue Chamber. Policy Council members oversee the various policy committees, direct the actions of our government affairs professionals at city hall and in Olympia, and review and take positions on important public policy matters on behalf of the Chamber and its membership.

Meets: Monthly

Transportation Committee

Transportation is one of the most important advocacy areas for the Bellevue Chamber. The transportation studies and recommends an ongoing list of regional transportation investments and works with city and transit planners to increase mobility options and access.

Meets: Monthly

Permitting, Land Use, Sustainability, & Housing Committee (PLUSH)

Works with developers, architects, general contractors, affordable housing experts, and others to develop sound recommendations to shorten construction timelines, prioritize growth, and improve local and state policies around land use and development.

Meets: Monthly

Budget & General Government Committee

Considers budget, human services, and general government matters for the Policy Council.

DC Fly-in Committee

The Chamber's annual visit to Capitol Hill gives participants direct engagement with our Federal delegation, administration staff, and key industry advocates.



Affiliated Advocacy Committees

East King Chambers Coalititon Delegates

For more than twenty years, the East King Chamber Coalition has advocated for businesses in the state legislature. Operated by the Bellevue Chamber, the Coalition includes appointed delegates representing ten Eastside chambers of commerce-enabling them to speak as one voice on important policy issues. The Coalition develops a variety of annual publications and brings lawmakers and business leaders together through events and other activities.

Meets: Monthly

Eastside Business Alliance Board of Trustees

The campaign arm of the Bellevue Chamber, the separate EBA political action committee board of trustees interviews candidates for office; aids in the recruitment and development and training of current and future candidates; and directs financial support for selected candidates or ballot measures.

Meets: Monthly (or more frequently in election years)


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