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Permitting, Land Use, Sustainability, and Housing



Jessica Clawson is a land-use attorney with McCullough Hill Leary. Her focus is land use entitlements in complex urban regulatory environments.



The Permitting, Land Use Sustainability and Housing Committee (PLUSH) is a cross-section of the development community from both sides of the Lake with a common goal; achieving sustainable growth in Greater Bellevue.

We are a board coalition of developers, building contractors, realtors and professional services providers who have a strong belief that Bellevue will need tens of thousands of new units of housing at all price points in the coming years, and continued growth in commercial and office construction. Our regularly engages with government officials in order to support and advocate for policies in alignment with these goals.

PLUSH's drafting subcommittee prepares detailed policy proposals for consideration by staff and elected officials in Olympia and on the Eastside. If you're building in Bellevue, you need to be part of PLUSH.

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Areas of Focus
Affordable Housing

Multifamily Tax Exemption
Incentive Zoning Program
Affordable Housing Policies
Contract Rezones
Wilburton Rezone
BelRed Lookback

Permit Predictability

Permit Process Improvements
Project Advocacy
Inspection Reform
NOI Reduction
Permit Streamlining
Utility Easement Requirements

Growth & Rezones

Growth Advocacy
Legislative Drafting
Industry Coordination
BelRed Lookback
Wilburton Rezone

5G & Telecommunications

Permit Process Improvements
City Negotiations

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