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Small Nonprofit
Charitable organizations and small nonprofits with fewer than five employees or with an annual budget under $500,000.

New sole proprietors looking to join at an introductory level on a path to grow.

Smaller but established organizations looking for business development opportunities, industry or regulatory support, and community engagement and networking.

Small to midsized corporations headquartered in the community or large organizations with an Eastside presence. Corporate members value engagement opportunities for their employees and brand visibility through sponsorship.

Organizations looking to maximize their visibility and relationship-building opportunities in the public sector or shape elections and public policy through participation in the Chamber’s many advocacy initiatives.

Community Builder
Small to midsized companies that are celebrated pillars in the region; Community Builders are frequent sponsors, speakers, and recognized leaders of the Chamber’s events and programs.

Midsized and larger companies (40 + employees) that are established leaders in their industry. Premier members are high-level sponsors, event hosts, and powerful contributors to chamber programs. Employees of Premier level members are frequent participants in leading chamber programs and initiatives.

Large (100 + employees) and influential sector titans; Enterprise members contribute both their might in the marketplace and their skilled industry experts to shape and grow their influence and impact in our region.

Executive Circle
Midsized companies with strong ties to the community who look to maximize their engagement with Chamber programs across their entire workforce while receiving enhanced recognition and exposure for their commitment to the Chamber.


Legacy Leader
Our sustaining partners, Legacy Leaders are recognized in all Chamber events and programs. They receive the maximum value and exposure for their engagement and help determine the Chamber’s strategic direction.