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The Bellevue Collection


Organization Overview

Few properties anywhere can match the energy of The Bellevue Collection and the vitality of its ties to the local community. The explanation is simple: The Collection’s roots run deep in Bellevue. Its builder, owner, and operator is Bellevue-based Kemper Development Company. The community and the company have always prospered together.
Barb Catt
Andrew Thompson
Anna Reis
Bruce Nurse
Dick Sprague
Heidi Gorle
Jennifer Leavitt
Jim Melby
Larry Ice
Lily Romero
Meredith Matches
Mike Skinner
Taylor Schroeder
Bellevue Place
Bellevue Place Bellevue, WA
Bellevue Properties
Bellevue Properties Bellevue, WA
Bellevue Square Merchants Association
Bellevue Square Merchants Association Bellevue, WA
Kemper Development Company
Kemper Development Company Bellevue, WA
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