Organization Overview

We're the people behind the place, the business and civic leaders who champion a healthy Downtown community. Established in 1974, the Bellevue Downtown Association supports its members with best-in-class advocacy, major community events, and strategic programs to help the Downtown area thrive. The BDA works to spotlight member successes and sustain the leadership and collaboration needed to shape Downtown's Bellevue's growth and progress.
Patrick Bannon
Patrick Bannon President
Allison Pascoe
Allison Pascoe
Augusta DeVries
Barbara Larson
Caryn Walline
Geri Massengale
Hayley Richardson
Jordan Slaymaker
Kensey Wentworth
Mason Luvera
Matt Jack
Matt Jack
Melissa Burkell
Mike Ogliore
Steven Vincent SVP Commercial Banking Team Leasder
Bellevue Chamber Logo Starter

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