We did it! Bellevue citizens vote YES for Parks & Open Space

Election week is over, so let’s get one thing straight: We were and continue to be massive proponents of the recently-passed parks levy. 

Our CEO Joe Fain attested to its merit over and over again — read the Bellevue Reporter article here — and beloved Chamber board member Dave Hamilton wrote his own op-ed advocating for the levy.  

So, thank you to all that voted YES for Parks, also known as Proposition 1. We literally couldn't have done it without you!

Learn more about the recently-passed levy below:

This levy will fund parks, greenways, and wildlife corridors, as well as expand opportunities at community parks and facilities. By voting for this levy, you supported waterfront restoration and building resilient riparian areas, which will protect the water quality of Bellevue’s lakes and streams.

Livability Bellevue is an organization of community leaders, local businesses, and residents — including the Bellevue Chamber — who supported the passage of Ballot Proposition 1. We’re committed to our parks, open spaces, and the environment. 

The levy has been endorsed by The Seattle Times, Rep. Adam Smith, and many of our local councilmembers. Learn more at livabilitybellevue.com. 

In a time where many things have become divisive, we can all agree that the health of our public parks system is crucial in cultivating a thriving, connected city. Thank you for joining us in our efforts!

Get Acquainted with Prop 1