Boys & Girls Club unveils revamped Lake Hills Clubhouse


With a $3 million budget and a whole lot of passionate folks, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue has upgraded and re-opened its Lake Hills Clubhouse. Complete with a soundproof recording studio, state-of-the-art tech center, sports court, and pool table, this location will serve middle and high school students from nine schools across Bellevue, with the ability to host up to 135 youth every single day. 

“The truth is, the City of Bellevue is changing, and the Boys & Girls Club is changing too,” said B&GC board chair, Jane Boulware, at the location’s Halloween grand opening celebration. “We have stepped up over and over again, and we will be the advocate for all kids … that’s why we are here.” 

In addition to tours of the new space and a ribbon-cutting ceremony, B&GC staff also used the event as an opportunity to showcase student artwork and take donations for a coat and shoe drive. 

Rep. Tana Senn, who recently joined the organization’s board, also was in attendance and praised B&GC’s fundraising efforts to pull the renovation off. 

“We often talk about public-private partnerships, and so to be able to bring that public piece to this club … it is a huge honor and I am thrilled that we were able to do that,” said Senn. “But the other part of the public-private partnership that I also want to emphasize is the addition of another ‘P’ — People.” 

“The thing that I love about this building is that it was designed by talking to the people who are going to use it. They spent hours hearing from the kids about what they wanted in the playroom, in the common room, the bigger studio, making sure that there was a place for the younger kids and we have the spots for tech and homework, but there is also a place for free play.” 

The Lake Hills Clubhouse is now open after school, at no cost, for middle and high school youth at 15228 Lake Hills Boulevard. Learn more here.