Bellevue celebrates expansion of small wireless facilities (SWF) in downtown

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With the help of the Chamber and other community stakeholders, Bellevue just took another step in the Smart-City direction with the implementation of its first small wireless communication facility (SWF) to serve our downtown region. 

Mounted structures placed in urban areas to decrease digital congestion by increasing wireless capacity and cell service, SWFs have been used in a range of cities across the U.S. and globe, with our own City Council first adopting the ordinance to allow them back in 2019. 

Celebrated with a ribbon-cutting on September 12, this SWF went up along 2nd street near the Bank of America and H-Mart, and there are nearly 20 others undergoing the permitting and construction processes. Stay updated with the City of Bellevue’s website. 

Let’s see what some of our community leaders had to say about the whole ordeal: 
Jodie Alberts, Bellevue Chamber:

"When I first started with the Chamber, it quickly became clear how much of an impact our broadband working group was capable of making. Since then, this collective of stakeholders have navigated issues of digital equity, integrated infrastructure, and much more, and we are thrilled to be celebrating this advancement together."

Jared Nieuwenhuis, City of Bellevue:

"The advancement of small wireless facilities in Bellevue is not only exciting but crucial for all of us — visitors, commuters, residents, businesses, and students — as wireless connectivity is essential to everyday life. Today culminates years of effort to fulfill our 'Smart City' goals and we’re grateful for key partnerships with the Bellevue Chamber, Verizon, and other telecommunications carriers."

Azmeena Hasham, Verizon:

"Verizon is committed to promoting digital equity across all of the communities it has a presence in, and Bellevue is no different. We are looking forward to ushering in this new era of connectivity alongside the City players who made it all possible.“