Build On, Amazon: Sonic construction resumes in Bellevue

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Amazon shared some exciting development news at this year’s Eastside Real Estate Symposium — the 555 Tower project is being resumed! 

Pearl Leung, senior manager of public policy at Amazon and one of our prized board members, made the announcement at the beginning of the event, and there was a whole lot of coverage to follow. Our president and CEO Joe Fain was quoted in multiple outlets — check those stories out below — highlighting recent polling data on the company’s presence in our region. 

"Nearly 80% of polled residents shared that the growth that Amazon and other tech companies have brought to Bellevue has been good for the city,” he said. “As the office market across the globe continues to show signs of post-pandemic strain, Bellevue is bucking the trend and breathing fresh life into downtown."

The Announcement 

As mentioned, Leung made the big announcement at the Chamber’s annual real estate get-together, reiterating the organization’s dedication to working alongside the greater business community rather than against it. 

“Our investments in Bellevue and the Eastside go far beyond just real estate and jobs,” she said. “It includes supporting over 100 community-based organizations that support a variety of community causes, from youth development to arts and culture to parks and many more.” 

“... We have [also] committed $670 million across the Puget Sound through our Housing Equity Fund to make over 7,200 affordable homes available, of which $270 million is committed on the Eastside to help create or preserve over 1,700 units in Bellevue, Bothell, and Kirkland,” said Leung. 

She then went on to announce that Amazon will be continuing construction on the remaining floors at Sonic (or the 555 Tower, depending on who you talk to) after they hit pause in 2022.

“The build out will add an additional 500,000 square feet of office space across 22 floors to accommodate an additional 3,000 employees as early as Q1 2025, bringing the building total to 4,500 employees.”

The Coverage