Eastside Leadership Conference to feature top leaders in tech, healthcare, government


The 2023 Eastside Leadership Conference is next week, so it’s time to get registered and brush up on our ai knowledge. Luckily, our panelists and speakers for this year’s conference are at the top of their respective fields, so we can rely on their previous work to get a sense of their perspective and experience beforehand. 

Tom Lawry:

As Managing Director of Second Century Tech — an AI consultancy that helps health and medical leaders — Tom Lawry has seen a whole lot. 

(Some of) the Breakout Speakers:

We couldn’t possibly list all of the recent works produced by our talented suite of breakout room speakers, but here are a handful of our staff’s favorites.

Jared Spataro:

A speaker we just keep coming back to, Microsoft’s Jared Spataro has a knack for breaking down big-picture phenomena and re-packaging data in digestible chunks.

Amanda Craig:

Head of Microsoft’s Responsible AI Public Policy team, Amanda Craig can speak on nearly anything in the realm of tech law, cloud security, risk management, and the like. Listen to her keynote presentation at the Paris Cyber Summit at this link. 

Dr. Sherry Marcus:

In short, Dr. Marcus is building the next generation of AI generative models and pipelines… across pretty much every industry you can think of. Listen to her speak on the panel, “Mind, Body, Machine: The Role of AI/ML in the Future of Sports” at MIT’s Sports Analytics Conference at this link.

To view the full program schedule and to register, visit bellevuechamber.org/elc