EKCC 2022 Economic Resurgence


Economic Resurgence 2022 Session Position

The Coalition thanks the Legislature for enacting B&O tax deductions for PPE and EIDL and Tax Increment Financing. However, we believe more is needed to spearhead our economic recovery and prepare the Eastside for the explosive growth projected - tens of thousands of jobs coming in the next several years.

We request that the Legislature:
Support Innovation and Growth - Continued innovation in products and services will be critical to our economic recovery. We urge the Legislature to enact targeted tax incentives to create a positive business climate and family wage jobs.

• Re-enact a R&D tax credit for small and medium-sized businesses in the high-technology and life sciences sectors.
• Support the growth of our small and medium sized commercial space and manufacturing businesses by continuing to tax them at the same rate as other aerospace manufacturers.
Invest in Infrastructure - Necessary and overdue investments in badly needed infrastructure will jump start the economy, get people back to work, and provide for future economic growth.
• Streamline the permitting process for wireless infrastructure to create broader coverage and connectivity, including Small Wireless Facilities (SWF) and 5G.
• Fund traditional infrastructure, including roads, bridges, multimodal transportation projects to better move goods, services, and employees to their jobs

Workforce Development and Protection

• Continue funding and support of Career Connect Washington to develop and finance a robust workforce development system and facilities that prepare workers for good paying jobs.
• Increase funding for worker retraining programs to provide employment opportunities for high-demand fields with critical vacancies.
• Incentivize use of licensed childcare and adult day care businesses by enacting tax credits and regulation reform.
• Reduce barriers to the private development of workforce housing to lessen commute times and transportation costs.
• Invest in pathways to employment for incarcerates, the unhoused, and other non-traditional workers, including those with disabilities or recovering from addiction.
• Stabilize the Washington State Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund beyond 2023.
• Mandate at least one core high school class in independent living, including time management, self-accountability, financial literacy, basic life skills.
• Support funding for community and technical colleges.