EKCC Transportation 2020


Effective transportation of employees, customers and goods is essential to sustain continued health of our state’s growing economy. The complete and timely implementation of the $16 billion Connecting Washington transportation funding package will help improve our transportation network.

However, additional improvements beyond this funding package are needed, particularly along the I-405, I-90, SR 18, SR 522 and SR 202 corridors. Estimates for completing the I-405 Master Plan reach $13.6 billion in East King County.

The East King County Chambers of Commerce Legislative Coalition requests the Legislature to do the following on our behalf:
Support Transportation Technologies

Employers and employees are eager for leadership at the state level for the following technology solutions in accordance with Executive Order 17-02, which encourages testing and deployment of automated and connected vehicle technologies.

We request:
• Commute Trip Reduction Act revisions to incentivize first mile/last mile connectivity;
• Public law changes to allow employer shuttle access to Park and Ride Lots and Transit Centers;
• State funding for innovative shared mobility partnerships, like the City of Bellevue and the City
of Kirkland’s Commute Pool program;
• Uniform licensing and regulatory framework for transportation network companies;
Provide Additional Transportation Funding
Commuters and businesses urge additional funding beyond current law revenues for the following programs to increase mobility for all modes and accommodate an increase, not a decrease, in total person trip demand (Project list included in appendices – all in the PSRC Regional Plan):
• Accellerated completion of I-405 Master Plan capacity projects;
• Completion of key SR 520 interchanges and fund a 520 Master Plan;
• Completion of additional SR 18 capacity and safety improvements and park and ride capacity
beyond current law revenue levels.
• Completion of SR 900, SR 167,SR 169 and SR 522 capacity and safety improvements.
Policy Recommendations
We urge the legislature to adopt the following policy recommendations to increase mobility for all modes and provide accountability:
• New taxes and fees levied on drivers deposited into the Motor Vehicle Fund;
• All toll revenues dedicated to highway purposes and deposited in the Motor Vehicle Fund;
• Toll revenues collected on a specific highway only used for expansion, operations and
maintenance on that specific highway and not diverted to other modes;
• Authorization of an Investment-grade toll analysis on the I-405 ETL’s prior to issuing bonds.