Expedition Pediatric Dentistry opens its doors … in style

Member News,
Every component of Expedition Pediatric Dentistry’s design is intentional. 

The patient chairs are built for kiddo control — no startling, abrupt movements here — and the waiting room is filled with explorer-themed toys, decor, and a four-legged mascot, Benny. Each room is modeled after a national park, complete with a mini terrarium, and there is even a child-sized doggy door for young ones to squeak through. 

I know what you’re thinking: “I wish my dentist was like that.” 

Congratulations to Dr. Megan Miller and her team for opening in Bellewood Office Park — we are so glad we were able to swing by for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate! (Watching Deputy Mayor Jared Nieuwenhuis be greeted ambush-style by a puppy certainly didn’t hurt, either.) 

Expedition Pediatric Dentistry is now open at 1800 112th Ave NE Suite 302E, Bellevue, WA.