More on I-405; Demonstration Bikeway Metrics; Help Decide What Transportation Projects Get Built


More on I-405

Back in 2002, the federal government issued a Record of Decision, for the I-405 Corridor Program Master Plan. Now, after all these years, we’re about to see additional capacity added between Downtown Bellevue and Renton.

In early April, WSDOT issued the Environmental Assessment for what is known as the Downtown Bellevue and Vicinity Project, a 2.7 mile-segment of roadway, stretching from I-90 to NE 6th. Key components include the following:

  • More capacity at the I-405 northbound ramp to SR 520;
  • An additional express toll lane in each direction, overpass improvements at Main Street; and,
  • A new bike-pedestrian bridge, near the site of the former Wilburton Tunnel.

Later this year, we’ll get a closer look at the main event, the Tukwila to I-90 Project. In the meantime, learn more about the DT Bellevue & Vicinity improvements at the project website and provide your comments to

Downtown Bikeway Metrics

At its January meeting, the Bellevue Transportation Commission approved moving forward with a Downtown Bikeway Demonstration Project on 108th Avenue NE, from Main to NE 12th. The Chamber, along with the Commission Chair and Vice Chair, strongly supported adoption of performance metrics, prior to proceeding with the project.

We’re pleased to announce that earlier this month, the Commission endorsed a firm set of project evaluation criteria. The Demonstration Bikeway Assessment Framework, as it is known, will collect and analyze data under the broad categories of Safety, Efficiency and Livability.

At present, the Downtown Bikeway Demonstration Project is expected to be implemented in late June or early July, with evaluation and follow-up reports due back in the first quarter of 2019.

For additional details, please see the attached letter from the Chamber and staff presentation on the Assessment Framework.

Help Decide What Transportation Projects Get Built – Part II

Last month, we invited you to take a survey, recommending projects for inclusion in Bellevue’s Transportation Facilities Plan. The TFP, as it is known, is the City’s mid-range blueprint for transportation capital improvements and right now, the 2019-2030, is being prepared for Council adoption.

The Chamber has already weighed-in, urging additional funding for the Bellevue Way SE Project, known as TFP-242. We’ll also support additional funds for this key facility, when Council takes up the 2019-25 Transportation CIP.

Did you miss the TFP public meetings and online survey? No worries – learn more about projects in the draft plan online and attend a TFP Workshop at the Transportation Commission on Thursday, April 26, 6:30 PM at City Hall.