Preparing for a future ready Bellevue


This morning, the Bellevue Chamber hosted its monthly Executive Business Roundtable program at the Bellevue Club.

The program, “Creating Future Ready Cities”, featured Alex Shannon, Vice President and Director of Northwest Water at WSP, and Rebecca Borker, Director of Utility Management Services of Northwest Water at WSP. Alex and Rebecca highlighted future trends and visions that WSP are looking at in terms of resource recovery for waste water plants in King County, integrating smart technology into buildings, and looking at equity and sustainability in our region’s infrastructure development. The WSP team wrapped up the program with examples of projects that they are actively working on including their resilient battery electric bus research, Mcity connected and automated vehicle testing ground, and the new Salesforce tower in San Francisco.

Before Alex and Rebecca’s presentation, Verizon’s Product Marketing Manager for 5G & IOT Solutions, Greta Knappenberger, showcased the power of 5G and the experiences it has brought us in our region. Greta also highlighted the 5G Edge partnerships that are being made with local companies such as Amazon and Microsoft and the 5G Labs and Innovation Hubs that are bringing collaborative ideas together to explore, create, and develop innovation into our communities, businesses, and cities.

Next month, the Executive Business Roundtable program will host GIX Executive Director & CEO, Sean Carr, as he brings members up to speed on the projects and future plans for GIX.

If you are interested in joining the Executive Business Roundtable program next year, please contact Olivia Mullin.