Seattle Times publishes article highlighting Bellevue’s evolution, diversity

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This past week, Seattle Times columnist Gene Balk put out an article depicting the shift in demographics across Bellevue’s neighborhoods, specifically diving into data capturing the language spoken at home, household income, how many people work in tech, how many are renting versus how many are homeowners, and how many residents are married with children. 

“If you’ve lived in the Seattle area for many years, you may remember a time when Bellevue was a fairly homogenous quiet bedroom community for Seattle … Those days are long gone,” Balk wrote. 

Graphical data pulled by Gene Balk to depict differences in Bellevue's neighborhood makeup.

The Times breaks down these different types of diversity and their implications on the region, even grabbing quotes from Bellevue’s Mayor, Lynne Robinson. 

“Remember they used to call it ‘Blahvue’?” she said to Balk. “Now it’s an exciting place to be that attracts all kinds of people. … It’s really inspiring to me.”

At the Bellevue Chamber, we greatly value the range of people, cuisine, culture, and customs here on the Eastside, and we are extremely proud to see our city at the forefront of welcoming this change. 

Read the full Seattle Times article here!