The Synergy of Tech Talks, Tech Trends, & Non-Techies


Recently, Deloitte did an eight year look back on the top technology trends and the spin-off implications of how these trends are integrated into the workplace. Well guess what – our Eastside Leadership Conference over the last 16 years has showcased all of these top technology trends showing that we’ve hit the mark consistently at this event.

Over 450 business and civic leaders gathered for our most recent Conference last week and the kinetic energy in the room was off the charts. The synergy created when you have established corporate citizens, startups, techies and brick ‘n mortar companies all under one roof (view the photo gallery to see who was there) to hear emerging trends and opportunities was exhilarating

The Conference is a unique opportunity that takes tech talks and innovations to business leaders in a manner that is readily understood. The techie event for traditional companies – it is the melding of science, technology and the extremely bright people transforming how business gets done. Companies get an inside look at some of the disruptive technologies that are global game changers, carving out niches that are multi-billion dollar industry clusters.

Over the next few weeks we will highlight the trends, companies, and topics we explored this year including 5G; drones and autonomous vehicles; Big Data for business results; Artificial Intelligence; Mixed Realty; attention is the new currency; medical advances; and national data comparing our region to other tech sectors in the country. We also highlighted startup businesses that are developing cool business concepts. Congrats to FanWide for winning the Best in Pitch & Show!

I’d also like to give a special shout out to our Sponsors that made this event so successful! They are transforming how business gets done. What is really unique is all of these companies – even though many of been in business for decades – understand what entrepreneurial energy contributes to the vibrancy of a community!