What a Difference a Year Makes!

Thought Leadership,


A Message from Outgoing Chair David Masin, Selden’s Home Furnishings

When I became Chairman last September, it was my mission to emphasize the positive effects the Bellevue Chamber has on the business community that it serves. As a whole, the Chamber has effected change in ways that cannot be measured. It is truly amazing what can happen within 12 months. In this dynamic, technologically shifting landscape, things never stay the same. The Chamber has shifted from its traditional business model of passing out maps and publishing a member directory, to setting up business deals, negotiating leases, fighting for lower taxes, visiting legislators at the capital and cultivating young talent.

It goes to show how quickly things can change, and how a non-profit organization like the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce can effect change in such a short period of time. Perhaps the best way to illustrate the success and progress of the past year while I served as the organization’s Chairman is to write a poem about it:

The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce turned 70 this year, and it was quite a ride,
The staff was busy signing up new members, while exhibiting such pride,

We discovered new technologies, in the fields of medical and tech
Challenges in transportation, have caused us to shuffle the deck

Record attendance at the Eastside Leadership conference garnered much buzz
Amazing guest speakers at lunches, including the chief economist from Zillow, there was.

This past year, we’ve connected billion dollar business with small start-ups,
We’ve learned about VR, AI and 5G, powerful acronyms that will guide us

Many things have happened outside the Chamber this past year,
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Brexit and North Korea, have caused many fears

Seeing the need to navigate the future, we developed a strategic plan,
With new Chairman, Jim Hill, you are all in good hands!

While we live in a world where exchanging Twitter handles has replaced shaking hands, or FaceTime conversations have taken over for face-to-face conversations, the Bellevue Chamber stays relevant knowing relationships matter, people matter and interpersonal relationships are not a thing of the past. While we continue to embrace technology and all that it offers us, we should never forget the power of the handshake.

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve alongside the other members of the Executive Committee, the general Board and the amazing Chamber staff. I am proud of the things that we have accomplished in the past year and look forward to seeing it grows even more in the coming year.